Frequently Asked Questions

MESA provides academic support and opportunities for students pursuing STEM degrees. Being a MESA member also looks good on university and scholarship applications.
In order to participate in MESA, you must be a declared STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) major. You must also be considered educationally disadvantaged by the State of California. Please refer to the "Apply Now" section for more information on the definition of educationally disadvantaged.
MESA members are required to meet with the MESA Director once a year to review their Educational Plan and goals. MESA students are also required to participate in at least three activities or events per year. (tutoring, SI session, fieldtrip, meeting, etc.)
Unfortunately, students who are in the Nursing program or are preparing for the Nursing Program at Hartnell do not qualify for MESA because they are not required to take calculus.
Yes. AB540 students are eligible for MESA. Your residency status does not affect your ability to participate in MESA. Pre-Health Dreamers FAQ pdf
Applications are accepted in September and January of each year as space permits. You can visit our Apply Now! section and click on the "Click to Apply!" button. This button will redirect you to the MESA application form which can be submitted online. MESA can only serve a limited number of students, so if the program is full you will be placed on a waiting list.